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It is rarity that a person loves math, and even rarer a person who understands it. If you are also struggling with simple math tasks, Cathcup Math will assist you in dealing with them and improve your success in school or at work. After reviewing the app and deeply testing it on any mathematical problems that came up in a week time, here are the results.

First of all, there are a lot of things one is curious about, which is related to math. Leaving the problem aside because of the inability to solve a simple equation is the most convenient approach. How many times have you calculated in your mind which path is shorter and which path to take? Catchup Math is the perfect fit for parents who are frequently found with no answer when a child asks a math question. It is also suitable for a student who prefers saving time on a simple math problem, so that he could commit to solving a bigger one. All in all, it is an excellent idea for an application like this to be invented.

However, the realization of that idea and the use of the app is a different subject. It is pretty easy to use although there are some features, which should be modified.


The quiz is a brilliant idea of pinpointing the learning gaps and the option of “I have not studied this” is far better than “I don’t know” which is used in competitive apps. After taking the quiz, individual lessons are assigned which is good, although it is not so beneficial. The only people who would love math lessons are the ones that are good in math. Although, this feature would be good for people who missed on their math material and would like or need to catch up.

It is also good that the lessons also come in videos, not only a written content, since math is something that needs to be verbally explained.

The electronic scratch pad is indeed a top feature that is coming quite useful if you are a mechanical student for instance. It is allowing you to solve the small problems and write down the solution on the phone. In a way, the scratch pad is organizing the solving of highly complex mathematical problems.

However, the calculator is completely redundant, especially because every phone has already installed a calculator app. Even though, it doesn’t hurt saving the time wasted on changing the applications.


The search function is somewhat useful. When writing the searched content, it directs you to the lessons instead of the practical solving tool. Nevertheless, this is a small inconvenience if you are using the application for a while and realize how to make the search tool more efficient.

At last, this might be a pro feature for the students and a con for the teachers, but eventually students are going to use that share feature to share solutions when they shouldn’t.

All in all, apart from this educational software being a great idea, the developing is also to be complimented. If is especially good because it would be extremely beneficial for children to study a complex subject like this outside their school activities.

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