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Sometimes, it’s difficult to understand a person’s language when you go for a trip or visit another country for Business deals or for study, etc., especially when you don’t have an Interpreter with you. The reason being, it’s not always affordable to hire an Interpreter and if it is, you can’t take the Interpreter always with you in your personal communications also. But still you have to cope with the situation and need a conversation. If you can’t communicate with them, the language is useless. Your purpose can’t be solved. Am I right? Let me introduce you an app which will act as a Language Interpreter for you that you can carry always right in your pocket anytime and anywhere. All you need is a good Internet facility in your phone.

This translating app has been developed by Net Communications Lab Pte. Ltd. It works with any iPhone, iPad and iPod touch having iOS 8.0 or any later version. It’s ruling the market, with more than 546 live Interpreters. Whether you want to translate English to German, Spanish or any other language or vice-versa, it can translate more than 35 languages within a few seconds at affordable price.

You only require a Sign up or you can simply Sign In through Facebook also to use the app. Once you Login, you can choose either as a User or as an Interpreter if you are enough capable to translate languages.

Suppose you are a User and you want to translate something, you just have to pick the translator which fits your pocket and starts the translation immediately through voice, texts or video and explain what you need. When both of you are ready to start the translation, you can click the button and the paid translation service will begin. You can also book a translator in advance based on their price, rating and country of residence.

You can also send files and pictures to get translated. Everything will be interpreted by Professional and Affordable Interpreter Services with real Translators.

One of the major differences between Qtok and other machine translators is that Qtok understands every context easily and participates in the situation and you will get real help from them. Qtokers or you can say Interpreters, are available all the time wherever and whenever you want to translate languages in any situation. It can be even free for some translations also.

The graphics of the app are really awesome and the app is designed very well.
Qtok provides accurate live communications with experts who deals with stressful and potentially confusing conditions such as medical or legal situations. It also helps with completing paperwork in these circumstances. It gives you an opportunity to stay in touch with your personal adviser in any language from all around the world.

So, what’s the need of using a translating software when you have a live translator with you?

Try Qtok today and refer other people also to solve their problems in interpreting Languages. Download it now! It’s available for free in the iTunes store.

PROS: live Interpreter; speak and translate; saves time and money; translates more than 35 languages; expert translators; free.

CONS: none.

Worth Having App- Download the App

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