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Ever find yourself constantly checking your Facebook, Instagram and other phone applications? Social media can be quite addictive. You may not realize the extent of your addiction. This can have a negative impact on your daily lives. Not only do personal relationships tend to suffer, but focus on career and studies can cause affliction. Social media is undoubtedly the most futuristic advancements which is evolving at exponential rates, positively – but at the same time it entices people to live within a virtual world. Neglecting personal and career priorities. Time to stray away from this alluring habit, right?

AntiSocial is an innovative application created for users to help assist in monitoring their daily, weekly and monthly activities on social media and on their phones. Lets face it, its hard to keep track of the amount of valuable time squandered on our phones! Being enslaved by the social media hype can create a time warp. Suctioning you into its relentless realm!

This genius application allows you to compare your usage with other users around the world, so that you have the ability to monitor the amount of time that you spend – in comparison to that of others. It starts of with a 2 week challenge. And at the end of the 14 day anticipation, you will be able to assess your overall dependence on your phone. The great aspect about this feature is that you have a basic idea as to the extent of how reliant you are on social media and your phone. This can help you to make amends to adjust your time spent accordingly.

The application is quite user friendly and easy to navigate through – which is a huge plus. As soon as you download AntiSocial, it immediately syncs with all applications on your phone. An easy to read graph displays your usage per day and the amount of minutes spent on your phone during a particular period. The comparison on the graph with other users, makes it simple to ingrain balance allowing control of your own usage, propelling you back into the real world.

AntiSocial is uncomplicated to use. The Chart feature distinctly breaks down the amount of times you unlock your phone during the day, week and month. It offers you a a range of applications that you currently utilize, and the percentage of usage per application. Allowing you to be determine which applications take up most of your time.

I particularly like the feature that allows you to see which applications are currently open and running. This can aid in enhancing battery life as well, so that unnecessary applications can be closed in order to preserve battery life.


There are two additional features called Blacklist and Blocking mode on the application. This only unlocks after the 2 week challenge is over. A more informative description about these features would be more advantageous.

It provides an overall analysis of others usage on phones and applications, however it does not specify how these statistics are achieved. Or how it is mathematically calculated.


User friendly – easy to navigate through.

Does not lag or freeze, simple application with in-depth analytics.

Personal information, messages and location cannot be accessed.

The ability to monitor and make amendments to your routine in order to adjust phone usage.

Assists in allowing self control by constant monitoring.

Worth Having app – Download the App

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