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While earbuds and headphones help improve the quality of music, nothing can beat TSC Music’s new sound equalizing app. This app is designed to help users listen to music through maintaining the right balance of sound through each ear! Every song is unique and can sound off if the tune is not played correctly. By playing your music through TSC Music’s app, you can adjust the song to match your hearing ability. It creates a comfortable volume that allows users to listen to music at the perfect volume and balance.

If you use TSC Music’s app correctly, it can help preserve your hearing as well. Older songs can be poor recordings causing listeners to blast up the volume which can damage the ear drum. TSC Music monitors your hearing and updates you on how to keep your hearing clear. By using Threshold Sound Conditioning technology, the app allows you improve your hearing while listening to music.

Once you log in, the app is easy to navigate. To create your account, you can log in using Facebook or Google. You can also sign up using email. The app requires your birth year and sex to complete the sign-up process. After you connect your headphones, the volume adjuster will tell you to adjust to a comfortable range. Then you are free to explore a library of music. The best feature about TSC Music app is that it connects with Youtube, SoundCloud, and Spotify so you can truly listen to all your favorite music.

The app offers graphics and details on your health through an index for the left and right ear. The music section organizes your content by song, artist, album, genres, and more. On this page, you can connect your music streaming apps. In the Graphs section, you can view info on your hearing condition, time used, and which ear’s index was most used. The charts are great for tracking progress over a period.

While there are a lot of music streaming apps out there, there are not many apps that allow you to listen to music while also improving your hearing quality. The team behind TSC Music (Earlogic) have created an easy to use app that is suitable for children and adults listening to music on their iPhone or iPad.

Pros of the app is that is has been well designed. There are no pop-up advertisements or email sign up requests which would distract from the overall experience of the app. The ability to connect with streaming apps and services is a great feature and allows the app to be compatible with users normal listening habits. An interesting feature is that you can turn on Active EQ while listening to music on speaker phone. You can tell a significant different when Active EQ is turned on.

Cons of the app are that there is no direct link to a podcast streaming app. Tunein or Apple’s Podcast app would have been helpful here. Another con is that it does not connect to video streaming apps like Netflix. It would be interesting to have the benefits of TSC Music’s App for movie and TV show sounds.

The app had no surprises or bugs that interfered with the initial user experience. After reading reviews online, the app is pretty consistent and straight forward with little problems. TSC Music is a great app for those who want to preserve their hearing and be smart when listening to music. By using the latest technology, this app performs well and is highly recommended.

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