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Scribochat is a communiqué app that permits you to share and express your ideas, thoughts with your near and dear ones. It is also an educational tool; you can teach and even learn by discussing your academic lessons, assignments or projects. This app is also a reflection of your thoughts and helps you to illustrate concisely what you want as you can harmonize audio and footnote over pictures free of cost.

Its feature of building instant messages let you chat and share your documents with your contacts. Moreover, it allows you collaboration on booklets of everyone.

Experience is the best way to let somebody see what you really mean with this communicating app. I think you should stop arguing, giving and taking the explanation of the same thing time and again.


  • You can communicate with your friends and family via instant messaging and booklets.
  • You can mail editable booklets for collaboration into a chat room.
  • It has not limited tools. You can use a number of colors with various transparency levels and pen sizes. All its colors and textures are soothing.
  • You can also create a number of booklets on it.
  • You can draw on it using auto-play gestures.
  • If you wish for privacy and don’t like to share your booklets with everyone, you can take it locked booklets service.
  • You can manage your chat room as you like by adding your known members and removing unwanted members
  • It can auto import your Facebook friends. You need not to managing two apps simultaneously.
  • You can create your presentations over here instantly.
  • It is capable of creating booklets and converting them into videos.
  • It has great lightening effects. Believe me! It long hour usage doesn’t make you tired and weary.


Above, it is just a glimpse of its innovative features as its unique and peculiar features are unable to completely describe in words. This app is just a perfect for everyone either he is student, professional or businessman. When you try, you will, definitely, feel it.

Though it has no flaw except it is an unsupported app for iPhone or iPad touch.

It is a challenge for you; try to explain someone by texting, calling or emailing and then make a comparison with Scribochat services of designing booklet. Bet me! Once you try this app, you will not even think of looking back. It is easy and simple to use.

Now, for what are you waiting? Just download this app and enjoy its unique services.

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