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Clockodo is the popular time tracking software ever that have been invented for SMES. For about five years now, Crystal Company has been enjoying massive rating for developing an app that is a co-worker to many people working in the industries. The Clockodo smartphone app provides its users with everything they need at their fingerprints. It has, therefore, provided many workers and freelancers a decisive factor who are regularly on the go. The Clockodo smartphone app has the following desirable features that make many people admire it.

Efficient time recording

Clockodo smartphone app is a good time recorder. According to the time taken to develop and design the application, it is clear that anyone can easily use the application without necessarily attending addition training. The time recorded is commonly entered into the database and viewed online via a web browser, downloading a smartphone app or a desktop application. Depending on the named factors, a sleek software has emerged that people can effortlessly use in their day to day schedules.

One-stop access dashboard

Clockodo smartphone app has an online time tracking service. The feature makes the app to resemble a dashboard and therefore easily allows users to keep track of time spent on individual projects. Initially, the service was only available for desktops but now has evolved as a record of activities can now be easily tracked using the Android or iPhone mobiles. Users can, therefore, keep pace with time entries, billable timing as well as tracking of the current work.

Installed with reporting tool

Clockodo smartphone app has a reporting tool installed with it. The feature helps the app to record data, which enable the user to review the data later. The data is commonly represented in the form of graphs and pie charts. The graphs and pie charts are eye catching and therefore attracts many people to use the app as the time recording is given in graphic nature hence easy to read and interpret.

Overview calendar

The app has an overview calendar. The calendar has which appears on the app’s edge helps the users to mark the date for other social events. The app can record the date and set a reminder. The reminder helps the app users to be reminded of certain events that need to be attended.

Inbuilt printer.

Clockodo smartphone app has a printer that is installed with it. The printer facilitates printing of data that was recorded using a recorder. The graphs and pie charts once printed can be stored for future reference. Published work remains original as no alteration that can be made once the printing has been achieved.


The Clockodo smartphone app is easily compatible with several operating systems. The app is, therefore, available for download from both Apple store and google play store. It is, therefore, evident that the app has a broad range of users.


· Simple user interface as little knowledge is required to use the app

· Gives out accurate time data entry. It is easy to use the results as it has specific time entry.

· Secure and confidential. The accompany hosting the app complies with data protection laws and therefore protects online data.


· The app solely depends on internet accessibility and therefore cannot be used in areas where there is no internet.

The Clockodo smartphone application is one of the apps that is solving time management in the world today. Many peoples and freelancers can set their time frames and hence make maximum utilization of the time available. It enables that all scheduled activities are attended to and minimizes cases of forgetting some of the crucial events.

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