Smartphones have a big impact on the lives of many people nowadays. People are using the smartphones for various uses among them to access blocked websites and blocked games. Until recently, there has not been a proper method of doing so secretly without being noticed. With the release of the Rocket VPN application both for the iOS and Android, users can protect their data using encrypted passwords, unblock and access restricted information, and prevent being monitored by other people. Therefore speed, privacy and security are maintained.


Rocket VPN helps its users to protect their private data. It versions for both the iOS and Android. It is readily available in their online stores and has simple steps on how to install and run it. Users can access the servers and access even restricted websites anonymously regardless of their geographical location. There is a Rocket browser where users can access the internet safely. Rocket VPN app has a quick launch feature that assists in creating shortcuts for other applications that you can open right from the app. Users hide their location and can make use of the virtual location tool also.


Users have a simple interface to with the app. It has simple instructions on how to ensure maximum security. Buttons and icons accompany the information and purpose of the app. Users should are confident in using the app being sure of the security of their data. Before using other applications or accessing the internet, users go through some steps to ensure they are secure. Someone has an option of setting a virtual location and even changing it.

 User interface

Rocket VPN is designed to ensure maximum security; whether the data is stored on the phone or if it is to be accessed from another place such as the internet. It is easy to use the Rocket VPN app due to its high level of user friendliness. The user can easily interact with the application. The user can also monitor the security of other applications using Rocket VPN.

User experience

Users have been positive on the use of the app. People appreciate the idea of providing security to their data. There are expectations that their few worries will be met in the upcoming versions. Contact and customer support is also applauded for their timely response. Some people claim to have setbacks initially when they are new to the app but with time it is very easy to use it.

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