As the world keeps getting to be smaller and more accessible through the today’s technology, the importance of smartphones at present is continually growing simultaneously. These days, most jobs are being handled smartly and accurately using upgraded mobile phone applications – be it contacting friends or sending/receiving money safely. And some of the modern-day mobile applications have multi-functionality efficiency to help users meet their requirements all in one application. Likewise, using Moneymailme can be helpful in sending money and staying in touch with friends as well.

It is designed to help users avoid unnecessary inconveniences caused while going banks and financial institutions to meet everyday errands such as money transfer, money receiving, and others.

Other than the money transfer services, Moneymailme comes with some other integrated features such as video calling, chatting, international e-money transfer, and others.


The Moneymailme is all aimed at ensuring secure and instant money transfer with no additional cost. Its functionality is not merely limited to the money transfer; rather the application can impressively help you stay in touch with your friends through an encrypted chat system. When it comes to adding more security to your credentials, Moneymailme appears to be even more defensive with the help of fourth factor authentications process. It ensures you have a complete control over every transaction done through the applications – whether you are transferring, receiving, or withdrawing e-money through the Moneymailme application.

In addition to it, the application has been enhanced with three new currencies to help users in Switzerland (CHF), Poland (PLN) and South Africa (ZAR).

User interface:

You don’t need to have a core competency in the application technology for using the Moneymailme app as it has been designed in such a way that every user can easily utilize every function and feature in Moneymailme. Simply download the application with no cost and get registered with the help of your email ID and phone number.

User experience:

Due to its advanced tools and features, so many Android users have shared their experience and reviews for the application. According to their words, the application is quite easy and light to use. They have to go through one or two steps to use its unique features. With some bugs fixed and performance improvements, the Moneymailme application comes up with high user-friendliness interface.

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