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Is playing number-puzzle games your first love? Do you love puzzle-solving challenges? Then you must try out “Cross One: Number Stack Puzzle” Android game that is filled up with a collection of logic puzzles with more than 450 levels. And every level turns even more challenging than the last puzzle.

What will excite you most with the game is that it never ends, doesn’t matter you keep playing for the entire day. The “Cross One :Number Stack Puzzle” has always something new and exciting for you. Another interesting thing about this game is that you can play Tower puzzle to challenge others to check if you have a better puzzle-solving skill. Once completed, it will acknowledge your skill by worldwide leader boards that stands for perfection and accuracy in solving number puzzles.


The basic concept of the Android game is to enhance your puzzle-solving skills, along with offering the ultimate fun at every level completed. The game allows you to earn more points and stars as well if you complete every task as fast and correctly as you can. But in the case of any mistake or unknown elements, you can use its “Undo & Hints” option to know more about the level and sharpen your next moves accordingly.

The objective of the “Cross One :Number Stack Puzzle” game is all cooperative to help game lovers to get the ultimate fun and earn more stars effortlessly all together.

User interface:

The game is designed in a material-design style to ensure simplicity expediency at every level. It allows you to set up your favorite color and theme so that you can get accustomed to the game easily and instantly. It doesn’t distract you so as to help you focus on the puzzle. Every level has its color and theme that change automatically once you enter the next level. And what makes this game user-friendlier is its soundtrack.

User experience:

With so many exciting game features and challenging puzzles, the game has earned a lot of applauds from the Android users. They can now brush their puzzle-solving skills with more than 450 levels. Best of all, they love the game because it doesn’t stop them from playing the game in case of no WI-Fi. It will be a perfect pick if you fond of solving puzzles.

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