Browsing the web has never been easier. With Smart Search app, you can finally browse the main search engines in the most effective way. You get access to information that are relevant, so you can find everything you need in matter of seconds.

(i) Concept

The app is made to provide fast research of Google, Bing, Amazon, YouTube, Wikipedia and eBay. These services are the main sources of information you need. Search results are very important in the process. For that reason, the developers included the most relevant search results. You can get the option to simultaneously search all sources. This makes it easier for you to find the results you are looking for. Any kind of information is on the fingertips.

(ii) User experience

When it comes to user experience, there are few main points. As a user, you can search much faster, because of quality functions. The app automatically suggests the queries, which makes the browsing convenient. In addition, you get the comfort when you look for previous search results. It is possible thanks to easy access to pages you have recently visited. Advantages are numerous and the overall user experience is enhanced.

(iii) User interface

Smart Search is all about functionality. Requirements are simple, and all you need the right device and quality Internet connection. The user interface is made to provide the full support. Availability of new updates is always present, so the user can enjoy the additional possibilities. Easy access to search engines and good support are part of the app. Overall interface constantly promotes the fixing of possible bugs. Therefore, the developers work to give a fast response to any bugs that pop up. As a result, users get the app with many possibilities and options for further upgrade. With Smart Search, your browsing is better and the experience is definitely worth trying.

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