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So you think you can swipe? You might just be mistaken. Try the swiping puzzle game Elemelons to find out.

So Elemelons is a puzzle game app backed by a very exciting and amusing story. Fruits are the theme of the puzzle. The Elemelons are trapped in square boxes with faces of different colors. A player has to swipe the Elemelons towards identical colors to win points. Swiping an Elemelon to the wrong side ends the game then and there. It’s about how quick you react, how well you can focus, and how adept you are in swiping.

When I tried Elemelons myself, I found it to be truly a fun game. The most compelling thing about the game is the story behind. As per the story, humans are the offenders of becoming the thralls of the social media. For this offense, they get cursed. The tragedy hits and the basic elements of human survival turn into Elemelons. The Earth, the Wind, the Water, and and the Fire become Earthmelon, Airmelon, watermelon, and Firemelon respectively. Each Elemelon has its own story as well.

As the game proceeds, the pace of arrival of the Elemelons gets higher. Now if you can’t pull this off well, these Elemelons will collide and bounce in random directions. So your focus and swiping skill are put to the toughest test as the level of the game goes up.

As I started playing Elemelons, I noticed some features that make it a must-play. You would never find a better swiping game with such a unique and catchy graphic and interface. Moreover, the game isn’t meaningless or purposeless. There’s a well-written story behind the game, and a player is a savior for the Elemelons. This purpose makes you play and replay the game again and again. Another motivation to keep the game going is the leaderboard. You always want to be on top there. As you get ahead with your game, the bar of difficulty gets raised a notch up every time. You’ll love the sound effects as well.

Pros of Elemelons

My experience with the Elemelons was amazing. I liked almost all the portions and elements of the game. The things you might love the most are as under.

1. The game is played just by swiping. Nothing offers more simpler gameplay.

2. Unmatchable graphics, themes, and story take it to some other levels of entertainment.

3. The game demands better of you as you proceed further. It strengthens your focus as well.
4. The purpose of saving the Elemelons make you want to play more.

Cons of Elemelons

Nothing can be perfect, and we are bound to agree on this. The same way I also noticed some points where the game lacked a thing or more. Let’s have a look at the cons of the game.

1. The gameplay loses its smoothness at times.
2. Doing the same thing, again and again, can get boring after some time.

Last words

So to make a concluding remark based on my experience, I say download this game. You wouldn’t get a better strategized and designed swipe game than this. The major deciders of a gaming experience are the display, graphics, themes, motive, and the game performance. Elemelons wins on most of the above points. So in a nutshell, you must for sure get your hands on this amazing puzzle.

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