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Have you ever feel insecure about your account in internet? PIN Genie offers a protection for your accounts in internet. With the random combination of numbers from 0 to 9 that divided into 4 circles, it will be hard to crack the access to your account -since the combination of these 4 circles will randomly change after each usage.

Established by PIN Genie Inc. in 2014, this app can be accessed both in google store and apple store. This app covers the security for accounts from social media like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Linkedin, email accounts, like Gmail and Yahoo, up to the security of your financial access in internet, like Chase and American Express. Besides these options, you can customize and add another account that you have in internet. Basically, you can protect the access of all your accounts in internet with PIN Genie.

To guarantee the safety of your accounts, PIN Genie use your camera to automatically take a picture of a person who want to access your phone without permission. Technically, a person can make 3 attempts to access the phone. If these attempts are failed, PIN Genie will be locked up itself for about 30 seconds.

There are few other apps that offer the same purpose as PIN Genie. The difference is that PIN Genie give a more benefit to protect your house also. The company made a device that can built in to your door to protect it from intruder. This app will connect to this device and will inform you about any intruder to your house. The device has an alarm and camera that will protect your house more than other alarm device. PIN Genie Smart Lock can give you an access to your close persons or even strangers due to limited access of setting.

Another with PIN Genie is that this app is free and it does not have any ad. So, you don’t have to pay or become a premium user to get rid any advertisement.

Even though PIN Genie claims to be easily use and access. It is still not friendly enough for people who don’t use technology easily. It is recommended that PIN Genie provide a step to step explanation or video for their users.

Moreover, the function of security notes, album, and voice memos are not really clear. These functions seem just like another function in the smartphone. The difference is that it will be more secure to use these function with PIN Genie app since the protection more secure than the protection of the phone. But if PIN Genie has already protected the phone, the option of these function is actually useless since PIN Genie secures the phone and all the app in it.

Although PIN Genie can be download with google store or apple store, it seems that PIN Genie in android is different than in iOS. The features of PIN Genie in Android seem like richer and more attractive than features of PIN Genie in iOS. However, PIN Genie in iOS can be synchronized with Apple Watch. So, if you want to have one connected protection system for your devices and home PIN Genie is an option for you.

With the additional device PIN Genie Smart Lock, PIN Genie app offers more than other app that provide security in smartphone. It is an option for people who love security and technology as one.

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