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If you’re a master of the “room escape genre” or a casual gamer who enjoy solving puzzles, then there are a lot of games for you on the Google App Store. But the game you’re looking for is out of your reach sometimes and you get frustrated! But if you explore the App Store and the Internet, read the latest news about games and keeps yourself up to date, then you may find a new mysterious app! However, it’s not always necessary that you find the right app which is your cup of tea. So let me help you and introduce to a new app which is really a breakthrough! Let’s travel back to the medieval times and experience a magical adventure through beautiful medieval scenes.

We’re going back in the Middle ages in the Castle Breakout which is an Android app developed by Cloudburst Room Escape, Inc. The app is compatible with all the Android Smartphones having the latest version of the Operating System.

When you begin, you’ll read a comic book style intro which tells you the background story and settings about the puzzle. It offers 10 unique and gorgeously rendered and intricate medieval environments or rooms with a delightful originally composed music. Now what you have to do is very simple. Your main role is to act as a castle security expert and work your way through these rooms. You can use swords, spears, potions, pots, crowns, and more to solve tricky puzzles. The main aim of this game is to find clues in the right order to escape rooms in a beautiful yet mysterious castle and enjoy the magical ride on the dragon.

To escape quickly, apply your mind, skills, make your judgement, reasoning ability to discover the secret to escape from each locked room and move on to the next challenge. It takes hardly 5 minutes or less to escape from a room if you find the clues as early as possible. You’ll find the game easy in the beginning, but, when you proceed further the game becomes more challenging. However, there are video cheats to help you move along when you get stuck.

The game is somehow complicated and elegantly designed and it has set a new standard in the room escape puzzle games. It has stunning photo realistic 3D graphics and a great music. It gives you an experience so natural, you can almost feel the surface of each object.

Overall, you have to make sure that the castle is safe. The puzzle is just awesome and excellent.You’ll never get bored in playing this game. In fact, this game will keep you busy for many hours.  It’s easy to begin and hard to put down. Hats off to the developers of Castle Breakout!

The puzzle is available for free in the Google App Store. However, some in-app purchases are also available. Try this and make a great escape!

Pros: great room escape puzzle; humorous; enchanting storyline; engaging, interesting & challenging gameplay; take you to the medieval times; 10 thematic medieval environments; brilliant graphics and music; addictive puzzle; free.

Cons: none.

Worth Having app – Download the App

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