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The iOS world has recently been flooded with diverse apps which serve different purposes and bring to your mobile phone all kind of content, information, news, games and so much more. Each day, innumerable apps are launched but there is always a reason why some apps continue to become successful, earn revenue and audience whereas some do not. YUGENCREATIONS is a kind from the former category. This app is one of its kind in a way that it has been successfully able to fuse cultural diversity and global entertainment into a mobile app medium. It is interesting how this app lets you experience because of its exquisite design and all the more diverse features. Combined with a diverse user experience, this application has been able to empower youth with different business ideas and has presented them with inspirational stuff to achieve their desired goals. It is a giant leap, especially in the world of digital technology, to inspire people and keep them enthusiastic.

As the name of the app suggests, the app has been exclusively designed for the youth and by the youth, so as to promote a youth culture and be connected in a unique way. YUGENCREATIONS lets you explore a diverse collection of high-end youth brands of fashion, it gives to access to latest trends in music and helps you explore the music of your region. It offers a playlist which you can update time and again. YUGENCREATIONS is not just an app for upgrading your music and fashion sense, it lets you dial into various radio broadcast channels, it lets you listen to the talks of your favorite role models, business enthusiasts, entrepreneurs and so much more. All in all, the app truly enriches your lifestyle by putting you on a page. In this world of fast-moving pace, it is equally important to keep yourself updated and grab all kinds of information on diverse walks of life. This app lets you explore all of these things in a single platform.

Designed and compatible for both, iPhone and iPad users, this app lets gives you access to daily news by the region where you are residing. It requires iOS 8.0 or further updated device for a successful download. It lets you listen to live radio interviews of famous people and gives you a list of suggested web series to browse as a youngster. Also, it has this unique option where you can share your ideas, creations and so much more, discuss it and get connected with youth from all around the world. The app lets you wander and explore by various regions like global, New York, Atlanta, etc. The recent launch of 2.1 Version for the app, the features have been further enhanced, the overall performance has been made much better. Coming under the category of entertainment, its second version was updated in April 2017. Since the update, there has been a major leap in its users and popularity. It has been able to stream live street culture from around the globe, straight into mobile phones. Its curation of Internet’s dopest knowledge has led youth to know, discover and be connected. Its feature of promotions and giveaways enriches young minds and upgrades their lifestyle in a sophisticated manner.

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