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Besides the use of Smartphones, there’s also a downside. These present generation mobile phones which we call as Smartphones are very much powerful that there is nothing that they can’t do. You can check and monitor everything such as steps you walk in a day, translate various languages, helps to find locations and a thousand of uses, of course. But, the apps used to perform all those functions drain your mobile’s battery very quickly which sometimes leads to frustration. It’s so embarrassing when your phone is dead or almost low battery. For this reason, you turn into battery-saving apps which may help to extend the battery life or saves the battery. But, to decide which app is worth downloading arises a question mark in your mind? So let me help you tackle this problem!

There is an amazing battery saver app which has been downloaded by approximately 10 thousand people from the very first day of its launching. It’s called “Sudo Battery”, which has been developed by Sudo, Inc. The app runs on all Android Smartphones having the latest version of the OS. The app promises you a longer usage time for your Smartphones.

To begin using Sudo Battery, download and install the app on your phone. There are different modes created for you in this app that you can choose from and protect the battery. It helps you to use the proper mode, not to damage the battery. You can monitor to view the battery status, optimize by closing the back background processes and cool down your battery by using CPU cooler.

The app will help to extend the battery life and protects the battery of your phone. Moreover, it tracks the battery usage for your phone. It will find and close the unnecessary processes running in the background so that the more and more battery will be saved. Remember, optimization doesn’t close other applications, but only processes that are not running in the background. This will help to stop battery drain, increase battery life and use an effective battery saver.

Sudo battery speed up the charging of your device every time when you plug in the charger. It’s your choice whether you want to use the fast charging mode or not. Unlike other battery saving apps, Sudo battery does its job at a much faster rate. This app is good for your phone because it also cools down your phone by using CPU cooler and phone cooler. The reason being, cooling the phone helps you take off unnecessary processes and cool your phone quickly. Furthermore, when your phone junk gets too much, the app cleans up junk files, frees up memory for the phone.

For better results, you can also view battery info such as: battery life, battery time, energy switching, battery drain, power consumption, battery status, battery remaining, battery level, etc. This is really a battery magic, powerpro with booster kit.

Overall, Sudo battery is a reliable battery-saving app which extends the battery life as well as protect it. It’s a user-friendly app and is available on the Google Play Store.

So are you ready to download this amazing app? Grab it now!

Pros: perfect one-tap power saver; monitor; battery optimizer; extend battery life; fast charger; battery doctor; CPU cooler; junk files cleaner;  protect battery; easy to use; free.

Cons: none.

Worth Having app – Download the App

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