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Before we start in reviewing the Biorythms app it´s a good idea to get acquainted with what biorhythms are.

Biorhythms are a means of predicting, as well as monitoring, a person´s lifestyle. The technique was developed in the 19th century by a leading German mathematician called Wilheim Fleiss. The theory is based on the idea of four central parts that dictate a person´s life.

These moods run in cycles. The 23 day physical cycle indicates the waves of the body. The emotional cycle is measured in 28 days and measures the changes in a person´s hormone levels. The third cycle is intuitiveness which measures both mental,and emotional needs. The fourth, and final cycle, is the intellectual cycle which is measured every 33 days.

Fleiss created algorithms based on sine that would measure and predict mood changes in these four categories.

The biorhythm app helps you to understand your mood in a variety of different scenarios. Are you in the right frame of mind to go on a date? Physically, are you ready to go climbing or emotionally, are you ready for that important exam? These are the kind of questions you can answer using the Biorhythms app.

The first step after downloading the app is to enter your user information. It´s relatively straight-forward and doesn´t ask any personal questions or fish for
information. All you need is your name and birthday.

Once you´ve finished the set-up there are four simple sections. Each one is related to intuition, physical, emotional and intellectual. The interface is nice and easy using colors to differentiate between different results. These are displayed on a graph which you can declutter by choosing exactly which data shows up.

From the graph page you can delineate by specific days or move the calendar forwards and backwards. The percentage button takes you to a new screen that offers percentages on popular activities based on your mood. You can also send the data to your camera roll, take a screenshot or email it to someone else.

Going back to the main screen there´s four main options. Information helps you to understand how to use the app. Biorhythm takes you to the graph page above. There´s user which displays the list of users registered with the app.

The feature I like the most is the combined user feature which lets you look at your scores in comparison with another´s and recommends what activities you would be best suited to doing together. You can also average the values of your scores, or any other user.

This is a daily app, so you have to input data on a regular basis to really make the most of it. It´s cleverly designed to go beyond a simple graph, plus you can export the data, share it with other users or email it. Over-time I can see it being a fun, quirky app that may be able to tell you things about yourself you never realized  before. It´s easy to use, with lots of information easily available if you need extra help. I´ve only tested the free version, but if I´m still using it in a month, I may just upgrade.

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