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When I go for a trip outside, people generally ask me about my experiences and what I’ve learned there. But, I find it difficult to describe all the places I’ve visited and about each and every story. Because, a trip can be a collection of adventures, stories, memories and discovery. Isn’t it? That’s why, I think it’s better to write travel journals that says all about the trip and experiences I had! So you don’t need to tell anyone about your experiences because you can publish and share them online. However, it doesn’t matter where you’re going or who you’re traveling with, an online trip journal can come anywhere. But, which app you’ll choose to write your own? 

Well, there are so many! But, the Journo Travel Journal is the best app to create your own story! Journo is an online app which is used to write your travel experiences and anything about it and share them online. This app offers you all the tools instantly that you need to write your story. You can write the journals in so many forms, whether from classical journal writing to travel maps and photo books. You can write text, draw, put images, videos and maps give your memories a new look in your journal. Finally, you can document your adventures, print your journals, publish your travel online and much more.

Journo is the best way to write your own stories with pics and videos and put them in your pocket, which you can’t do with an ordinary paper journal. You can view and track your route on a custom designed map while writing Journals. You can also do finishing of your journal and then send them to print! You can create your own page on the Journo website where you can publish your Journals online and share with your friends or with the whole world.

It’s not always necessary to have Internet Connection in your device always, you can use this app while being offline also. If connected, all your data will be automatically synced with the app for you. The clients who’re using Journo app have their own dedicated page on the website where you can publish your Journal also and allow your friends to see. The best thing about this app that the other person who wants to read your Journals doesn’t need to download this app. It’s their choice only. You can read other people’s Journals too!

The app Journo app has been developed by Journo Inc. This app has been compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch having iOS 9.0 or any later versions of the Operating System. This latest version of Journo has done a lot of improvements, such as you can instantly get your very own Journo Travel Blog for your friends and family to follow your adventures. Journo has been awarded as the “Best Travel App” by IMA Awards and many more achievements in the Press. I think it’s enough for you to download this app!

This app is free to download and offers a 14-day Free Trial. However, you can subscribe anytime with the following subscriptions:

$4.99 @ 1 month, $24.99 @ 6 months, $4.99 @1 year. You can also pay for lifetime subscription also @ $89.99 with unlimited access to Journo forever.

So start saving your memories in a new way and keep them with you for the lifetime! Also, share it with the whole Universe!

Pros: best app to write your travel journals;  include travel maps; add pictures and videos; capture every moment; print maps; share with friends or anyone; access the app offline; free to use.

Cons: none.

Worth Having App – Download the App

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