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Which is the most amazing bird game that has been ruling the market for years? Of Course it’s Angry Birds and no other game can take the place of that game. However, today I’m going to introduce you a similar game which is also a new sensation in the market and will definitely make you feel crazy about it. It’s called Flaap.io. Heard about it earlier? Let me tell you, it’s one of the most addictive online games you should try once in your life so that you can judge and give you attractive points.

You can download this game from the Google Play Store or you can directly play it on Paperio.org. Flaap.io is just a copy of the famous game, that is, Flappy Bird. You can register and start playing alone or with your friends as it’s a multiplayer game. Basically, you need to control the bird which is easy yet challenging and it’s not a child’s play. If you’re playing it on your PC, then use the click of the mouse in order to fly the bird and save it from the pipes.

Do you know that this is an io game based on the scenario of Dong Nguyen’s famous Flappy Bird. You’ll find so many crazier new birds in this game and your task is mainly to drive the bird flying through the pipes without touching them.

You can play with so many players all around the world and compete with them. This game has been developed by Flaap.io and the app is compatible with all the Android Smartphones having the latest version of the Operating System.

In the beginning, you may find the game easy, but as you progress through the levels you’ll see a transformation in the level of the birds. Each bird will have different flying speeds, so your bird will be “crazy” and more difficult to control afterward. So, it’s difficult to score as many points in the starting because they die again and again and lose the game. This stops them from going further. But, it’s in your hands to control the game and play carefully and pay attention to the game. The more the number of pipelines you pass, the more you’ll score. To get much score, the best strategy is that you must be careful and active in the course of the game.

You can transform your bird according to your choice in this game only when you get more than 10 points.

Flaap.io is a game only meant for enjoying and for entertainment purposes. So don’t get angry while playing it. Enjoy it to the fullest and show your skills and abilities to the whole world.

So share your level of the game as well as the highest score compared to others you reach.

Have fun with the birds!

The app is available for free on the App Store. Get it now and rock the world!

Pros: different levels to play; multiplayer game; easy yet challenging; simple controls; addictive gameplay; full of fun & entertainment; free.

Cons: none.

Some information about the game: http://flaap.io/about/

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