Bring Diary Keeping Into The 21st Century With The New Edge Diary App

by | Dec 22, 2017 | iPhone /iPad Apps | 0 comments

Most people of the smartphone generation won’t have kept a diary at any stage in their life; it’s an antiquated form of technology, especially in the face of the digital revolution. But there’s a certain charm to the idea of writing down your personal thoughts every evening, and keeping them just for yourself. They can also prove instructive to look back on as you get older; viewing yourself through the harsh lens of time can be a fascinating exercise, and one that is sadly absent from the instantaneous gratification culture of 2017. If you feel you’re missing a bit of self-reflection but don’t to give up the smartphone, then we have the perfect solution for you; it’s called Edge Diary, and it’s available now on the App Store!

Edge Diary takes the form of a classic diary, marketed at the mature-minded person. Obviously the idea of a diary seems old-fashioned, but people of all ages will get plenty of use out of this app; once you start jotting down your innermost thoughts, it can get quite addictive, no matter how old you are. The interface of the app is inviting and easy to use; you can start writing almost as soon as you’e finished downloading the thing, and you won’t have any issues with the functionality.

One nice little touch afforded to this digital diary is the ability to post an image with each diary entry at the click of a button. This is a great feature which makes full use of the app’s digital manifestation, as opposed to a pen and paper diary. Other nifty touches include the ability to search through your posts, either via word, calendar or favourite view, and the option to mark your most beloved entries so you can enjoy reading them again and again.

All in all, Edge Diary is a smart, nostalgic little app that harkens back to times past, while still embracing emerging technology. If you’ve wanted a diary in your life but haven’t been able to bring yourself to physically write one on a daily basis, Edge Diary might just be the app for you. Head on over to the App Store and start jotting down today!

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