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We only have one life to fulfil our dreams, to put our best in order to live happily and cherish the life’s most precious moments. So why not we celebrate those life events differently? Whether it’s your birthday, marriage, anniversaries, etc., you can make them very special if you want in a unique way. Either the event has passed or coming in the future, you should always keep track of how many milestones you’ve covered or how much time remains until your special event. It may bring a special excitement and you can relive the past memories. But, the question is who will help you in tracking all these details in your busy schedule?

Well, don’t bother, when Life Times Of Celebrations is here! Yes, it’s an app which has been developed by R.A. Simon for creating and tracking your Life Events! The app has been compatible with all the Android SmartPhones having the latest version of the Operating System. With this app, you can track your life events and share your milestones with your friends on Facebook. Let me describe you how!

You can start with an event which is close to your heart. There are three levels of frequency alerts which you can use. Suppose you married on March 12, at 6.00 p.m.,according to Eastern time in New York, and want to celebrate your one month anniversary in California then you’ll receive notice of your milestone at 3.00 p.m. Pacific Time on the specified date. Isn’t it great? Yes, the app automatically adjusts for time differences from where the event originally took place to where you’re right now.

The global users can enter their birth place, date and time, so that the app would compensate for time zone differences between where you were born and where you’re now as each milestone approaches. You know that a Lifetime is made up of seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years, so you can celebrate them accordingly using this app. For example- you can say that you married 100,000 minutes ago or 10,000 hours are left for your anniversary, etc. These are your time based achievements which you can celebrate and also post on the Facebook via this app. In this way your friends can cheer you, depending on the occasion.

You can also start a countdown to an important future date so that you’re aware of how much time remains until your special event. You will always be notified about the time left for an event such as month, week, day, or even in seconds so that you can begin the countdown. All you need is to select your frequency of notification.

Overall, LifeTimes Of Celebrations is the best Life event tracking app which keeps track of everything that is meaningful to you. Moreover, if you want to receive notifications, then you need to sign up and enter your details on the app.

So have a blast in your Life events with Life Times! Enjoy the LifeTime celebrations excitement of anticipation as you countdown to a future event!

Pros: best Life event tracking app; automatically adjusts time differences; share milestones via Facebook; notify you about the events occurred in the past or occurring in the future; user-friendly app;  free to use. 

Cons: none.

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