Can Online Casinos Make it on Mobile?

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Since their inception online back in 1994, the number of online casino sites has gone up and up every year. However, online casinos have been slow in making the much-anticipated switch to mobile apps, but that is starting to change. There are a number of online casino apps that are matching their desktop counterparts and the benefits are great. Here’s the lowdown on why gambling from a mobile is the next big thing.

You Can Still Play with Friends

Who has time to put together a poker night anymore? With the convenience of mobile casino apps, gamers can meet up online and play against each other, all from the comfort of their living room and within the palm of their hands! Now with mobile apps, gamers can find favourite their roulette game or that much-loved, classic poker table and start wagering immediately against friends. The wide variety of games plus colourful, casino scenes right on the screen will take poker night one step closer to the real casino feel.

Bonuses Galore!

Online casino apps open the opportunity to more bonuses and promotions – who doesn’t love a good freebie? Just as with the desktop site, online casino apps have new account bonus such as free spins, doubled deposits, or guaranteed cash back. As mobile casino apps are still fairly new, companies are trying hard to get customers through their virtual doors and it’s pretty easy to find big bonuses. So the best tip is to sign up before the sites get too popular – just make sure to read the terms and conditions of the bonuses first.

Portable and Convenient to the Max

You’re sitting on your laptop playing your favourite  free slots no download and your the jackpot is about to burst… you have an important meeting, so it’s off to the bus with you! Usually you’d have to say goodbye to your chance to win big – but not anymore. Mobile apps allow you to keep playing your top online casino games, on the go! From the bus, to the train, to your sofa, to your bed – mobile apps make casino games more portable than ever before. Many casino apps are being made for both Android and iPhone systems, so any mobile user can gain access.

Smooth and Sleek – Fast and Fun

No more annoying click of the mouse – mobile casino apps make playing the slots or hitting the felt fun, fast and smooth. A simple tap of the screen is all it takes to spin the reel of exciting slot games or swipe, drag or slide cards around a virtual table to try your hand at classic blackjack or an exciting round of Texas Hold ‘Em. Games can vary from instant play to slower-paced live games that allow for strategizing to your advantage and with anything from slots, to cards, to live games and sports betting, every gamer can find their niche online casino app.

With a variety of benefits that online casino mobile apps have over desktop sites, there’s no reason not to give an app a try today!

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