PassVult is a really ultimate anti cloud password manager

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Managing all the password is really a big challenge. We need security on every step. Thus there is always a need for such platform which managing our entire passwords and offers us more of the other features. For such work, I would like to introduce you to one of the platforms named as PassVult. This is like the secret key director for your iPhone. This is an anti-cloud based platform. All your data will be localized on an individual iDevice. This means you will be under control of your password data.

The main objective of this app is to provide the security by restricting the majority of information on an individual iDevice. The fantastic thing about this app is that you can have one master password to manage all your stored password and information.

As I am accessing this app, I will disclose all the features regarding this app. So continue with your reading here.

Store password: You can store your entire password in one place. This is one of the best things regarding this.

Store credit card details: You can store the credit card details like card number, expiry date & CVV number.

AES encryption: All the data which is stored in the local database is AES encrypted.

Manage secret questions: You can manage all the secret questions with answers in this app.

Manage the physical codes: The physical code can also manage regarding this app.

Random Generator: A user can generate password randomly within this app.

Touch ID & Face ID: You can log in using the touch ID & face ID as this app is enabled for this.

Other eye-catching features:

  • No travel of password: Your password will not be transfer from one device to another device and this is one of another security feature of this app.
  • Reporting bug: If you find any kind of bug then simply fill the form and the supporting team will reach to you.

My advice: Remember that there is no backup feature in this app. If you delete this app, your data will also be deleted. This is in order to keep your data safe. Also, don’t forget your password as there is no option to reset your password.

PassVult is really a good app for those who need to security and proper management for their passwords. Try this once you will really like this app.

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