Space Run 3D – Infinite Running Adventure

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While I’ve tried plenty of game apps on my Android in recent weeks, I’m always looking out for new ones that have their own special game app features on the genre, and Space Run 3D – Infinite Running Adventure is wholly captivating.

It is noted that Space Run transports you to exotic worlds in faraway galaxies for the most epic endless running experience ever. The players can collect coins, customize their character and use power ups to survive for as long as they can. After then passionate players can compete against friends on the leader board.

Besides all aspects the players could experience special missions to complete and high numbers of cool stuff to unlock for upgrade. Moreover the players can have hours of endless running fun with Space Run.

Space Run 3D – Salient Highlights

  • The players can open the daily mystery box and receive lucrative rewards
  • Simple to customize your character with a variety of skill boosting clothes
  • Players can complete special missions to earn extra rewards
  • You can compete against their friends on the leader board
  • Easy to collect & upgrade power ups to assist you achieve high scores

Illustrates Simple controls – Casual game play

By this popular game the players could run, jump, dodge and duck as they avoid the obstacles in their way. Apart from all features the controls are simple where they could just swipe left or right to move from side to side, and swipe up or down to jump and duck. The key goal is to run as far as they could without hitting any obstacles. In case if you hit something then game over.

Facile to Customize your Space Cadet

It is conveyed that precious gold coins are distributed throughout the space stations. The players can immensely collect as many as they could to customize character with slick new attractive costumes – from hi-tech space helmets to pirate hats. You have few clothing offers where you could earn extra bonuses, like an extra life or a power up booster.

Simple to collect & upgrade power ups

The zeal players could spend their gold coins on upgrading power ups, too. It is simple to pick up these power ups as you play and use them to maximize score. They are also enumerated that from double coins to invincibility, the players could upgrade the duration of each power up so they last even longer.

I’m a huge fan of this kind of genre, and Space Run 3D – Infinite Running Adventure falls right into that best quality category.I can see this game as best Android app that user will be returning to for a while.



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