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Innovations in the tech industry advance more and more each day, especially on mobile devices. There are different apps that have been developed for our smart phones that make work easier or simply make us work faster and be more efficiently. One example of an app doing just this is Gratitude Tipping app.

This is an amazing type of app because of the different tasks that it performs for the user. iPhone and Android users gets to enjoy services that are quite superior compared to rival mobile applications.

What is the Gratitude Tipping App?

This is an app that was developed in order to show users how much of a tip they are supposed to leave in a particular country or how the person can split the tip between a group of people at home or abroad.

There is no need to struggle with the calculation as the inbuilt algorithm in the app enables the clients to figure out how they need to tip and what that is split between their group size. Its seamless functioning and great design make it one the few apps that is really helpful both in and out of your country. Its ability to do all the work is also superb as it saves on time and money, should you normally over tip.

How does it work?

Both users of iPhone and Android get to enjoy the best services from this app wherever they are. This is because the Gratitude app has the ability to calculate a tip in each and every country you are in via its location services setting. But don’t worry, it also works offline too, should you not want to allow the app to access your location. This means that the restaurant, taxis and porter’s tips are all taken care of in this app, on and offline.

Gratitude Tipping App will do all the number crunching required and, on top of that, will also find the specific location required. In addition, as a bonus, the app shows you how to ask for the bill in different languages. This means that the users can actually ask for the bill in the specific language needed rather than their native language. This is very helpful as users gets to enjoy Gratitude when travelling to different destinations in the world.

The best part is that the app can actually work without internet connection. A drop down menu is provided for the user that enables them to continue working on the tip offline. This is very helpful when travelling in rural areas that have problems with internet connection or simply you have no data to use. In addition to this there is a mini travel guide which includes, but is not limited to, language advice, tourist destinations and local cuisines.

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