Introducing MyObits, a modern day solution to publishing obituaries!

Myobits, available to download on iOS and Google Play, is a must have for anyone that just lost a loved one. The app is a one stop shop for any planning needs. It offers functionality you can’t find elsewhere. You can draft and publish an obituary in the app itself and seamlessly distribute it across channels – social media and email for example.

Not everyone reads the newspaper anymore, so you risk loved ones not finding out about a passing. Myobits almost ensures that everyone who needs to know about the loss, will know. An ethical concern some might have about the app is its monetization method, but Myobits promises to remain ad-free forever.

Myobits is much needed in our digital era, and it delivers on everything it says it will do. The team behind the app is comprised of industry veterans that understand every pain-point a user might have, which makes for a very stress-free experience. Everything you need, including information on the service, gifting options, & sharing options is easily found on the minimalistic app – making it easy for anyone, regardless of technical experience, to use.

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