AR Maneki Neko is all about getting the best of fortune

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Want to know your fortune with an easy approach? Then AR Maneki Neko can be the best cup of coffee for you. Getting the good fortune is what everyone likes to have. There are different kinds of apps which are dealing with fortune activities and among them is AR Maneki Neko. This application is all about a Japanese Virtual cat which will tell you your fortune.


  • Cool graphics in this application
  • Realistic graphics for great experience
  • Various accessories
  • Supporting both ARKit and ARKit2
  • Availability of sharing option
  • Shop option for buying accessories

Using this application:

As I already mentioned that this application is all about telling the fortune, the Japanese virtual cat will tell you about your fortune. It will give you coins on the daily basis and you need to collect all the coins in order to redeem the result of good fortune. For this, you first need to tap on the box which will appear on the screen. After that, a cat will come out with a specific theme. Each user will get a different cat with a different theme like Warding off bad spirits, love, wealth and friendship. Each theme will be presented by a different cat which will convey a different message. In this way, you will get to know the specific message.

AR Maneki Neko is very cool app that I love to use. It is having all the features that make it ideal to use. Moreover, I would like to recommend this application to everyone.

Summary:  AR Maneki Neko is all about getting the good fortune. Different cats will come with different themes which will give a different message.

  • Features: 3.5
  • Usability: 4
  • Accessibility: 4
  • Graphics: 3.5

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