Not All Trading Platforms are equal

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Finding a reliable trading platform takes time and due diligence. You want to make sure you find a platform that is safe and secure and provides you with state-of-the-art technology.  Enter the Vestle trading platform.  Vestle piggybacks off of iFOREX who has 20-years of trading experience in the browser based and mobile application space.  The Vestle platform was constructed following years of surveys done by the people who created iFOREX. It was done in an effort to produce a client-based interface that would offer ease of use and efficiency. By introducing a browser-based interface in conjunction with a mobile platform, Vestle appeals to investors who are looking for a flexible trading platform.

The Engine is Important

The Vestle platform is customized and uses FXnet for a user friendly interface. The browser based platform provides traders with access to more than 600-tradable securities including forex, commodities, indices and shares. Execution is lightning fast thanks to the customized technology put in place by Vestle’s programmers.  The online trading app also has a friendly user interface that is conducive to quick execution.  In addition, there is an education section that provides videos and articles that touch on important topics such as risk management and trading strategies.  You will also have access to a real-time economic calendar that describes an actual forecasted release. The trading platform provides charts as well as technical indicators which allows users to develop trading signals.

Demo Account

The real-time quotes offered by Vestle allows you keep abreast with regards to the pulse of the market. Not only does Vestle show live forex rates, it provides clients with real-time rates of their favorite commodities, indices, ETFs, and cryptocurrencies allowing you to make real-time trading decisions. Prior to risking your capital, you can use Vestle’s real-time demonstration account that allows you full access to the platform. Having access to a demo account allows you to test your strategies and risk management before risking your capital.  Even once you begin to trade your funds, you can test new strategies using the Vestle demo account.

Vestle’s Mobile App

We all lead busy lives and if you are trading the markets, you need a reliable mobile app. The Vestle mobile application is geared to traders who are always on the move and need access to their positions. The application allows you to monitor your positions, execute trades, as well as deposit and withdraw funds. The app is available on multiple mobile devices and is available for free on Google Play.

Customer Support

Vestle realizes that when you need assistance, it is important to have human interaction. The company offers the ability to interact via phone, chat and email.


The Vestle trading platform is geared to the trader that needs flexibility. The Vestle engineers built the platform with the active trader in mind. Vestle created a new, innovative platform utilizing the iFOREX group’s 20 years of market activity and experience. The result is a state-of-the-art, easy-to-use investment platform, making Vestle one of the leading, online trading experiences.

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