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Ensuring the future of your children is a problem that disturbs parents. It requires good planning and restraint in the process of disbursing your pension and giving priority to the most important things. The financial success of any person or family requires living on a specific budget that ensures you provide your family’s daily needs and pay the bills on time in addition to saving money for the future of your children. U-Nest application may be the solution for you in the process of ensuring the future of your children. Here a simple review for this app :

First look :

U-Nest is a simple app rated 4.8/5 from more than 8 milion appel devices’s users in the world . The application allows you to transfer monthly amounts from the associated bank account to a special savings account for your children. It also allows you to plan, target and monitor your proximity to your final goal so you can pay your children’s educational outlay .

Benefit :

1-A Free Financial Adviser :

The application was created by people with experience and certificates in the financial field. The application summarizes their experiences and you can contact them through the support section for a free financial consultation.

2-No TAX :

Now, you don’t have to worry about tax and at low costs less than $ 20 per month

3- Apply according to your financial status :

The app allows you to adjust your monthly contribution at anytime . This app will change the Plan to reach your goal according to you new monthly contribution.

4-Have a goal :

The app helps you to put A suitable goal that fits your monthly income and daily expenses and allows you to monitor your financial progress.

5- Simple and fast :

The app is very easy in using and very fast .You can view any change in balance at any time.

6-Put a budget for your family :

The app help you in puting a budget for your family As well as controlling daily expenses. There is also a diary in the application that allows you to record the dates of payment of invoices and give you notice when close to get paid extra money due to late payment.

Negatives points ;

The application support section is sometimes slow when you try to get help or financial advice because of the heavy pressure on it. Also,The application only works on iPhone phones and this is caused by the presence of a large segment of people used for Android phones.


U-Nest ; save money for kids in one of the most apps that will allows you to reach financial stability ,This is of course following the financial budget set by the application and achieve your ultimate goal of ensuring the future of your children. So, if you are a parent and you want to ensure your children educational futhur, U-Nest is your best choice, it will be Your new free financial advisor will be from now on . So do not waste your money and time in looking for other sterile solutions without any little benefit .

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