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Oil is a commodity and the variation in its prices should be known to everyone, whether it’s price rise or fall. As you know that oil industry is an International business which affects most of the countries in the world. The reason being, it’s the most consumed energy and plays a vital role in our daily lives, both economically as well as for social development. So to keep track of the variations in the oil prices and know everything about it is very much necessary. For this, a special app has been developed which is popularly known as “Oil Price: Energy News”.

As you can’t predict the oil prices in the future because oil is the commodity product which is available globally. The quality of oil product can be made different to serve different needs of consumers. For example- “Crude oil”, it is refined into various petroleum products having different attributes, i.e. gasoline, diesel, aviation fuel, kerosene, and fuel oil, and others. All of these have a different use in our daily lives, therefore its value is maximized.

Now the question is why do oil prices rise and fall? Oil has been deployed as a means for the economy and political negotiation. The price of crude oil is therefore determined by its type and quality. When it is distilled, heavy and light crude oil yield several refined products such as gasoline and diesel to serve different demands. Oil Price has been developed by James Stafford and is available on the app store for the iOS devices.

With Oil Price, you will be able to access the latest oil prices, energy news, market data and industry analysis from the leading journalists around the world at your fingertips. You will receive daily news and price alerts for the energy topics and stocks that matter to you. The app features about trending stories in energy, oil, alternative energy, finance, geopolitics and more. You can track over 200+ oil blends from across the globe in your personal energy portfolio, which is customizable whenever the stock has gone up or down. You can create a customizable watch list also and easily track your portfolio by creating and editing your personal Watchlist with tailored alerts.

Overall, Oil Price is the most popular energy news and oil price website in the world. Moreover, it works with the largest names in financial news and provides news and industry analysis to sites such as: CNBC, Yahoo Finance, Nasdaq, Fortune, TIME Magazine, Huffington Post, USA Today, CNN Money, Business Insider as well as hundreds of others. You can share your oil stock picks and energy news to your network and discuss the news articles that matter to you most and engage with the Oil Price community.

So get the app now and gain more knowledge about it.

It’s an app worth to download!

Pros: Energy News; access oil prices; track oil blends; market data, alert notifications; customizable stock alerts; customizable Watchlist; share and comment on energy news; free to download.

Cons: none.

I would like to give this app 4.8 out of 5 stars.

Worth Having App – Download the AppDeveloper Site

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