Spread positivity using social media with Awesome

Awesome is an original, new social network that is purpose-built to encourage users to spread positivity and use the incredible power of social media to do more good in the world. It’s available to download now on Google Play and iOS.

Our social media feeds are all too often full of negativity, and Awesome is here to change that. By using gamification and a whole host of really cool, original features, the platform rewards users by doing good things.

You earn ‘Awesome Points’ by completing specific tasks. These tasks could be helping the Humane Society find homes for puppies by sharing their posts, or taking your loved one out to dinner. The more points you earn, the faster you level up your profile. The higher the level, the cooler the ring around your profile picture gets. You can even send points to your friends in the form of quirky, animated gold coins, to help them level up faster. At the end of the week you can check the leader board to see who has accumulated the most ‘Awesome Points’.

The tasks aren’t absolutely essential for you to use the platform – after all, it still has all the features you’ve come to enjoy from a social network – but it’s great to get involved and leverage social media’s power to make a positive impact on the world. Post pictures, videos & engage with your friends by all means, but why not spread some positivity at the same time? It doesn’t matter whether you use multiple social networks as you can share your stuff from Awesome across different platforms with the tap of a button!

Use social media to spread positivity with Awesome – check out the app today on Google Play and iOS!

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