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With all the hustle and rush of making life a worthy one, it is very necessary to have the best play of emotions. Something that would help people be calm and enjoy this beautiful gift of life, at its best.


  • A place to find how: Usually people tell what different kind of actions means. What feeling a child is having, but we find it seldom that nay one finds time to tell how to deal, except on days when the matter goes too much beyond our control. This is the app that tells what different feelings mean and when do they appear. This also tells how to take care of the situation when we face such feelings within us.
  • Keep it interactive: Not a simple game app but a useful one, whose voice-over keeps children interested in it. The right rhyming of the sensible words makes it a good point for Feelu to be installed in your child device.
  • Don’t want a voice, we help you shut if off! We never wanted to create something that could never be personalized as per your need. Have the voice over get your kid excited or even make it voiceless, with the sound icon button.
  • Let kids know what does being grateful mean and help them practice it:  Being grateful is not a one day task. Something that is very important to remain happy in one’s life. In the Grateful section, section helps kids to know what all they could be grateful for. Thus, cherishing this life and the small gestures around.Helping them to be a happy personality.

What all is hidden in Feelu :-

  1. A simple app, with everything open, Feelu has a section of feelings. Place where you can play all together or choose one as per your choice. Pick and play the feeling of your choice making sense for your child to hear and feel someone understands him/her.
  2. The right build and creative sense of the app, keep it light and happy while the child is exploring this one.
  3. A right way and approach for teaching kids how to be kind and thus add to the happiness in the world.
  4. An app that is made while taking care of the autism, the app truly takes undue care and interest in spreading a healthy emotional atmosphere.

Last words:

Meditation is something children cannot learn on their own even though it is a very necessary thing. Helping kids to develop a habit of being peaceful and mindful is the best seed that should be sown in their childhood only.

Summary: App supports being mindful, grateful and helpful. This also has a way to avoid any child being the prey of bully and get into the wrong habit of showing tantrums. With time and pressure, increasing children would need more helpful apps like Feelu. Place where they can find their comfort level to express and share their daily moods and relax.

Features: 5

Connectivity: 4.5

User Interface: 5

Usability: 4.7

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