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While I feel like I’ve tried every new app out there in App Store, I’m still always searching out for more, and Trivia Fiesta developed by Mobi Weave, Inc. is one that kept interested me when I saw it on the App Store. After spending good time with it, I can say that it’s certainly a clever app to unwind with.

More interestingly Trivia Fiesta is a party game which combines skills such as drawing, acting, miming and many more. Even includes dancing. It’s a board game on your phone. There is no tripping over or stepping on tiny pieces.

The app is used to drive game play, but instead of everyone hunched up on your own devices, you simply pass the phone or tablet around. The focus is on having fun together and also some friendly competition.

How to Play Trivia Fiesta

You can draw, act and hum along with friends for loads of fun

Home Screen

• Click on Play to start a new game.
• Click on Options to select your favorite actions. You can also change the time each team gets to play their turn before the clock runs out.

New Game Options Screen

• Choose what actions you want to include in this game session.
• Select the number of teams and number of rounds.
• Click Start to start the game.

Starting Round Screen

• Screen shows the action picked for this round. Pass the device to the designated team.

Word Screen

• Select a word that you are comfortable with to do the action specified. Note that different words have different points. Once a word is selected, it cannot be changed. Choose wisely.

Countdown Screen

• Screen displays a countdown timer. Do the action specified in this time. Pass the device to the designated team to score the turn.

Score Update Screen

• Screen shows the score for all teams. Designated team needs to take the device.

Final Score Screen

• After the rounds are complete, the final scores are displayed.


If you are searching for different party game on App Store, then I suggest giving Trivia Fiesta developed by Mobi Weave, Inc. a look. The various features and instructions that you come across fit the user’s requirements rather well, and are pretty quality.


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