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We all know the famous quote, “A thing of beauty is a joy forever” by John Keats. When it comes to women, all over the world, people describe them by their beauty. Women always want to look appealing and it’s their nature to get dressed well whenever they get a chance. Women in the media are no exception to this. They in fact, do a lot of grooming to gain more fame, recognition and succeed in their arena.

All these women put in a lot of efforts to reach great heights and there is a need to honor them all. A website named, was created with such motive. The CEO and Promoter of this octagon of hotness says, “These girls work hard all year on looking good. I just wanted to give them all an opportunity to go at each other”. She adds that this sweet challenge is open for models of any category, they can be musicians, actresses or even runway models. There is no distinction here and there is an equal chance for everyone to give it a try.

When the users start using this app, they will find two beauties against each other all dressed to elegance. Our task is to cast a vote to whom we find more hotter. Once we cast the vote, we can also see who has received the  more number of votes. You refresh and this cycle of voting continues until we want to stop ourselves. Need not to mention, the game is a good entertainer.

All those who missed the chance for enrolling this year, need not get upset. They can use the opportunity the next year and gain more support and recognition. All that they have to do to enroll for this contest is to send a photo they own to The CEO adds that we can expect a party at the end of the year where the overall rankings will be announced. Winning or losing is not the thing that matters, participation is all what makes the difference and it is just for fun.

The people of this industry, can enjoy the many benefits of beauty pageant competitions like these. It improves their self esteem, helps build more confidence in case of public speaking or even when they attend an interview. It also lets them know who they actually are, what fits them in both style and costume. This helps them make their future plans accordingly. This app is something that fascinates all the fashion lovers and is a great door of possibilities to the upcoming artists and models.

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