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What’s the craziest thing about betting? Do you ever think about it if you have ever tried it? Why people are so crazy about betting still, it’s not a good thing for everyone? Well, let me tell you about it  Betting/ Online Gambling is not a illegal thing to do, but it involves a lot of risks. You will either win or lose which is not in your hands completely. It depends on your luck and the betting odds. If you placed the right bet and taking guidance from the experts, you may win. Your chances of winning may be high. But the probability of winning the game is not known to you! We can’t say anything what will happen next until we win!

If you are as strong person and don’t fear about losing then you can only try! Personally, I love taking risks in my life that’s why I like betting and place bets on different sports games whenever I feel so! You can win a big amount in this risk taking game and lose a big amount as well! This is the reason why this sport is banned in many countries! You can’t place a bet in public or online. But, the roots are still there is you cut the whole tree! Isn’t it?

There are so many betting apps and websites that offers you to place bets and win big! Before, you go to those websites you need to find the correct betting odds, i.e. the probability of winning your bets, which has been provided by a website called Betting Odds API. You can get the betting odds for different sports and bookmakers across many countries. This website odds data for various sport events from all over the world with our odds API. You just need to enter the URL provided for that sport on the search bar and all the results are returned in an easy-to-read JSON format.

Betting odds offer more than 15 sports and 30+ bookmakers worldwide. It’s available for free to Sign Up and there are monthly plans also to enjoy other benefits. You can choose a plan that suits your needs. The plans are as follows:                                                           

  • Free

$0, no costs, no bills

1000 requests / month, Head-to-head, all bookmakers, all sports, HTTPS encryption.

  • Small

$9,99 / month or $7,99 billed annually, 15,000 requests / month, all markets, all bookmakers, all sports, HTTPS encryption.

  • Medium

$44,99 / month or $35,99 billed annually, 120,000 requests / month, all markets, All bookmakers, all sports, HTTPS encryption.

  • Large

$84,99 / month or $68,99 billed annually.

The overall design of the website is great with the right things at the right place and a good use of the overall space.

So try this Sports betting API now and get the betting odds at your fingertips.

Pros: betting odds in an easy-to-read format; 15+ sports; 30+ bookmakers; brilliant tool for betting enthusiasts; free to use.

Cons: none.

Worth Having App – Try ODDS API today

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