This friendship matchmaker app is perfect for anyone

Want to expand your social circle but have no idea where to even make a new friend? Look no further than Tag, now available on the App Store and Google Play. Tag is a cutting-edge app that plays matchmaker and connects you with potential friends based on compatibility!

There’s a lot that factors into what makes two people compatible as friends, but Tag covers practically everything! From hobbies to your personality traits, Tag factors it all in. The secret algorithm will scan your answers to questions like “Are you clean or messy?” and “What do you like doing for fun?” and compare them against other people’s answers.

Once you get matched, you can check out the person and see if you want to hang out with them! In addition to just exchanging text messages, the Chat feature will even allow you to send images, smileys, and live recording messages. Safety & fun is their priority!

Download Tag on the App Store or Google Play today to get connected to nearby friends!

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