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As a developer, when you build an application, what are the questions that come in your mind other than the programming of the app? There are a lot of constraints that are kept in mind to make an app worth. It’s not always necessary that you create something and it becomes the best for the customers or the users. You may lack somewhere in the user interface or the usage of the app. You never know what is running in a user’s mind, what are their choices, what they exactly want. For example- when we purchase something online, we give reviews if it is good or bad, so that the company can improve or make changes to them! It helps them a lot. Isn’t it?

Similarly, when you create an application with the maximum efforts and keeping the users in mind you are less prone to fall! However, you don’t know about their taste and what they exactly demand from an app. Once they get the app and use it, then can share their genuine reviews. In short, what I want to say is that reviews play a very important part in our life especially if you are into a business!

User reviews can help the developer a lot as they can improve and make changes to their website or brand to make it worth! Not only this, the reviews from the other sources such as Google, Yelp, Product hunt, Trip advisor, etc., matter a lot and help the developers to use them in building their application or make some reports. So Review API is used to scrape reviews from 30+ sources to build your apps or customer reports. All the results are returned in the JSON format when you search for the source!

The reviews can be from any source or any medium such as: this tool is easy to use and it’s amazing; The food was just delicious, we loved it; The hotel room was very spacious; this place is worth to travel; etc. These kind of reviews helps a lot for writing reports or building any application. The uses are countless! You can join with other developers from all over the world and use this review scraper API to aggregate reviews.

There are a number of uses of Review API. Some of them are:

  • Machine Learning

AI Model training requires large and well structured data sets which are provided by the API.

  • Brand Monitoring

You can track user feedback over time and analyze it whether you are on the right track for your business and taking the correct decisions.

  • Customer Success

The negative user feedback plays a vital role in your success as well as customer success. So never miss out on a negative comments again.

  • Marketplaces

Review API provides value to your customers by enriching vendor profiles with customer feedback insights.

The API offers fair pricing for all and every use. For example- there is a free plan which costs nothing, small plan which is $24 per month, a medium plan @ $60 per month, a large plan $140 per month and a very large plan $310 per month, all are billed annually. The monthly requests vary in all the plans and the rest of the things like HTTPS Encryption, Email support, etc. is almost the same.

Overall, I would say that getting reviews has never been so easier. But Review API made true the unthinkable. Scraping reviews is a time consuming task, but Review API makes scraping reviews easy, fast and reliable whether you are building an app or managing your brand.

So use this API to build your app and become the best!

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