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Do you often forget to drink water? Is your body getting enough amount of water? These are the kind of questions which pop up in our mind and we tend to ignore them as we can’t recall it. Our body requires water to eliminate the toxic elements in our body and have a good intoxicated body. We recommend this Daily Water Tracker & Reminder | H2O Hydration app developed by Oleksandr Kirichenko for benefit of users.

This drink water reminder will assist you to maintain your level of hydration and make sure that you have a perfect balance of water in your body. So develop healthy habits and start with water intake. Now, drink your first cup of water – Gulp.

It is vital to hydrate your body with the perfect drink – H2O. Also keep a water log, and make sure that your daily water intake is high enough. You can set a water reminder to make sure that you drink enough H2O and frequently.

The Daily Water Tracker & Reminder will help you reach your water intake goals and develop healthy habits! Correct water consumption is crucial for a balanced diet, clean skin; good mood and can even help you lose weight.

The app’s customizable reminders will greatly assist you stay on track. The recommended daily intake of water is based on your weight and sex and can be adjusted depending on your requirements.

Salient Features of this drink water reminder

  • Intake goal recommendation
  • Clean and intuitive interface
  • Wide variety of beverages
  • Ability to create your own beverages
  • Customizable reminders
  • Customizable water cup
  • Detailed history and graph – Make a water log
  • Motivational achievements
  • US oz, UK oz, L and ml units

                    Also we know that hydration is the process of replacing the water in your body and it is important to drink enough glasses of water a day. It is also vital to hydrate yourself in the right way. How much water you should drink depends on your weight and sex. This app help you determine the number of cups of water that you have to drink for the perfect water balance in your body.

Daily Water Tracker & Reminder is perfect for keeping up with your water intake. Once you’ve added a drink, the app will permit you know what percentage of your daily intake you have to go. In addition not only can you set reminders on your phone for when to drink, but you can also track your history, create a variety of quick actions, set a daily goal, create custom beverages, and even change the unit of measurement to suit what you’re comfortable with.

Why is Hydration so important?

A good water balance helps you with

  • Balanced diet
  • Clearing skin
  • Good mood
  • Weight loss
  • Increasing metabolism
  • Developing healthy habits

So have a perfect drink of my H2O. Log your water intake to track how much water you drink every day. You can also download the best reminder app and drink your first cup of water – Gulp and stay hydrated.


If you’re concern about health and fan of Hydration apps in general, then Daily Water Tracker & Reminder | H2O Hydration app developed by Oleksandr Kirichenko is one that you must check out this on holiday.


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