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These days, I’m feeling excited seeing many new apps introduced at regular basis, and I always turn to find it out unique app with several salient features and take my mind off in recommending them for users. Though i have plenty of apps on my iPhone, but my favourite app is Flash: Full Screen Caller ID developed by Flash App LLC, such as best features illustrated in this app.

This reputed app of Flash qualitatively redefines phone calls by adding picture and video sharing to make phone calls fun and exciting. They can send pictures and videos to your friend’s phone whenever you call them and share in a flash.

Flash is best regarded as photo and video messaging app. This app permits your friends see your photos and videos whenever you call them, edit pictures, message your friends and send secure, protected pictures with simplicity. Amazingly it can turn your pictures into a caller ID, so your friends will see what you’re up to as soon as you call.

The app is also possible to send a “Hidden Flash” that deletes itself, so your flash remains secret. You can wholly organize hangouts, make inside jokes and more with “Hidden Flash” pictures and videos. More specifically you can confidently share photos and videos in private with your friends.

Important Features of Flash: Full Screen Caller ID

Send Photos and Videos through Phone Calls

It is possible to take and send pictures or videos to your friends whenever you call them and also display your photos as your caller ID on your friends’ phones. You can also share pictures while you talk.

Hidden Photos and Videos

Despite many aspects the features of “Hidden Flash” photos and videos are highly password-protected which delete themselves. You can also send private, time-limited Flashes, because some things should disappear.

Photo Editor

They have splendid photo editor where one can add captions to your pictures and videos before you send them. The users can also add stickers and emojis. It is possible to save your edits to your phone and add unique effects with filters.

Messenger App

With this you can send picture and video messages to your friends. Also send reactions to your friends’ Flashes. Exhibit adding emoji faces and reactions to your messages. You can keep the conversations going with group messaging and live chat.


If you’re an ardent fan of these kinds of apps in general, then Flash: Full Screen Caller ID app developed by Flash App LLC is one that you must check out. Once you get the hang of key features, the app is wholly beneficial one.

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