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Even though most of my leisure time going towards on my new chess game I always like to go back to my iPhone for some popular apps as a break. I spotted L.U.E | Your Legal Checker app developed by Legal Utopia Limited on the App Store last week while I was at browsing and I had to passionately download it. Needless to say, this accolade of gem does not disappoint me.

L.U.E app is your legal self-help checker giving you access to an intelligent search engine that can assess and identify thousands of unique legal problems. More importantly you can simply select a few simple options specific to your problem and circumstances, explain or describe your problem in your own words and answer a few easy questions to assess if your problem is legal and, if so, what its legal nature is.

It is illustrated that L.U.E can offer you with following features respectively as

Legal Diagnosis

It is a plain English description of the legal field and subfield of law.

Legal Guidance

They are practical and essential information custom to your legal problem.


It offers services like recommendations and information of providers of legal services relevant to your legal problem.


They have new portals that can help support, aid, or undertake your legal problem.

Legal Aid

You can get notification of your potential legal problems’ eligibility for civil legal aid and where you can make a claim.

L.U.E identifies wide range of legal problems in fields of:

  • Employment Law
  • Tax Law
  • Corporate Law
  • Family Law
  • Contract Law
  • Commercial Law
  • Intellectual Property Law
  • Land Law
  • Data Protection Law
  • Civil Law

If your business requires any important legal guidance and instant recommendations then you can go for help, download L.U.E now. L.U.E | Your Legal Checker is here to assist you identify the legal nature of your legal issue or dispute and offer you with legal guidance, solutions, and resources to resolve the problem. In addition if your issue or dispute qualifies, the platform will notify you of potential legal aid funding and how to claim.


I strongly suggest giving L.U.E | Your Legal Checker app a try if you are eager in search for a special app this weekend with a good emphasis on features. After qualitatively figuring out the feature, I’m really hooked with this app.


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