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If you’re an ardent fan of alerting system apps in general, then GuardWatch developed by Grandview Technologies, Inc on the Play Store is one that you must check out immediately.  People grew up with variety of apps in all kinds; so generally, when the popular genres are launched they can’t assist but have the eager to check it, which is what actually happened with GuardWatch.

This reputed app revolutionises the way we think about alerting system and permits you to be safe. By this reputed app of GuardWatch, you have your neighbours’ backs, and they have yours. In addition all Guardwatch users within a 100 meter radius of your tagged location receive your distress alert when you tap the SOS button.

It is also noted that all of this happens at the touch of a button. They had professionally leverage technology as critical infrastructure for a joint watch and alerting system, which qualitatively expands the number of possible first responders to security breaches to include friends, family and neighbors.

Key Features of GuardWatch

You can alert your Friends and Loved ones when in distress let them know you are safe or if they need to get assistance.

  • Click on SOS and alert your loved ones of any incident at your current location. Alerting your emergency contacts starts a group chat with your live location; allowing them to enquire and track you.
  • Register your security Guard and tag tag him to your property, GuardWatch uses a rating system to assess the guard’s performance from previous employers
  • Alert neighbors and friends when an incident occurs at you residence, tagged homes within 200 meters of any distress call will be alerted to that incident


If you have any interest in this genre, you ought to check out GuardWatch developed by Grandview Technologies, Inc. You can easily download it via Play Store.


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