Dungeon iDoll

The hallmark of a role playing game is that players get to adopt new personas for their character which they want to play. Depending on the game players will be able to write their own character’s life story. You also get to choose the specific looks of your character and get into different personality traits. Many people want to experience how it is to be a completely different personality that is different from their own. Such people welcome a role playing game as it gives them a change from their usual lifestyle.

A new role playing game has hit the market called Dungeon iDoll. This game has taken virtual role playing to a whole different level. The game is an adventure story that is experienced by Battle idols. These idols are the roles a player will play during the game. You can choose from any character in the game and adapt to the characteristics of the character. This game has proved to be a ground breaking invention in the role play gaming scenario.

How the app works:

Download and install ‘ Dungeon iDoll’ into your smart phone or smart gadgets. Enter the game and register yourselves as a player by assigning yourselves a unique player name. The Dungeon iDoll is an adventure packed game where you will have to rescue humans from the demons attacking them.

Features of the game:

Dungeon iDoll has many features you can make use of. Some are listed below here.

  • The game is fun to play and user friendly
  • Your chosen character has the ability to develop themselves even during your absence
  • You have a range of Battle Idols from which you can choose your character from
  • For every character you find in the game, you will also come to know that each has a different power and skill.

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