Mean – For All Doggies: The Best Dog Walk App for All the Puppy Parents

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Mean – For All Doggies: The Best Dog Walk App for All the Puppy Parents

Are you a pet lover? Are you a parent of cute pup/puppies? You must be often lost in thoughts about the health of your dog. Is he in good health? Does he enjoy walking? Am I keeping him happy? These may be some among the many thoughts that arise. Among the many apps in the App Store, I came across Mean – for all doggies.

I would say that this is one ultimate solution when you want to monitor your dog’s health and state of mind. The app keeps track of all the walks that you take with your pup out. Just tap on the start icon when you take your dog out and hit the pause icon when you stop in the middle. The pause icon will be very useful when you take a break or get on a cab or when your dog pees. This will help you keep in track of the distance covered, the route and time taken, the frequency of your walk in a week, month or a year and so on.

Using Mean, you can clearly record your dog’s walk and monitor his health and also get to know how he feels. If there is any favourite spot or a park or other place where you and your dog want to hang out, you can very well register it in the app. Under the dashboard of the app, you can create your own territory map with a heat map. All the achievements are displayed in a list here and you can compare your walking routine with the target you have set already.

The app comes in handy when you want to connect with the family to take care of your dogs. The app allows for users to share the information by linking them with the social media accounts. Another most unique feature of Mean that I loved to the core was the feature to take photos when you stroll with him. This allows you to save all the fun moments which you had with your cute puppy and recall them during your leisure time.

Mean has a history column that displays the daily walks you have taken in a time series. Mean falls under the Lifestyle category in the App Store and is compatible with iOS 11.0 or later versions. The app is available in English and Japanese languages and the premium plan of the app comes for a price of $2.99.

With the era of digital devices and apps, you can take your pet caring activities to the next level by using apps like these. Mean would be your ultimate companion when you want to give the best care to your dogs.

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