Meteora – Galaxy invaders alien space shooters

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Mobile based games have endless benefits when it comes to the cerebrum. These games enhance the player’s mood and boosts their concentration level. Many people think that playing mobile based games are a waste of time. But in most cases these games are good at capturing our interests and are amazing at reliving the mind of stress and depression. Many games are addictive yet they give the player a sense of freedom. With the advent of the endless running games, people have been playing them and have n recent times grown tired. Despite their unending fun, these games do not provoke the ultimate entertainment.

‘Meteora – Galaxy invaders alien space shooters’ is a mobile based app that is a shooting game which guarantees to give the player lots of fun.

Developed by:

Meteora – Galaxy invaders alien space shooters’ was developed and offered by ‘Global software support’.

How the app works:

Download and launch the ‘Meteora – Galaxy invaders alien space shooters’ app on your mobile phone or other devices that are compatible. Now start playing the game. ‘Meteora – Galaxy invaders alien space shooters’ is a fast paced shooting game that takes place in a galaxy far, far away. You will see that thousands of nations from different galaxies will descend upon you and your goal will be to save your galaxy from the unpleasant catastrophe of a conquest. Touch on the screen to move your ship. You do not have to tap on buttons as the spaceship fires on its own. So make sure you hityour enemies. You can collect items which will help you to upgrade your spacechip.

Features of the app:

Meteora – Galaxy invaders alien space shooters’ has many attractive features which are listed here.

  • Multiple spaceships for the player
  • Interesting and challenging game play
  • Upgrade your weapons and your spaceship.

Compatible with:

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