On Equation Finance Calculator

Every enterprise or accountant has in their lifetime, at least once, had difficulty due to complex financial equations and analysis. When it comes to spreadsheet calculations not many are aware of all the functions that the spreadsheet offers and go for difficult manual calculations. With such issues in mind, developers came with a solution for calculating financial equations and sensitivity analysis by eradicating the need for unwanted spreadsheet calculations and financial calculators. The ‘On Equation Finance Calculator’ is a mobile app that gives you a simplicity in doing your calculations while providing you with the right solutions.

Developed by:

On Equation Finance Calculator’ app was designed and developed by ‘Aptlications’ as a Finance application.

How the app works:

Download and install the ‘On Equation Finance Calculator’ app on your smart phone or other suitable devices. Now open the app on your device and calculate the necessary functions like calculating Bonds, NPV, Interest and EAR. Whether you are an accountant or a finance specialist, a valued professional or a student, you will find ‘On Equation Finance Calculator’ useful in your day to day life. We can all accept that financial calculations can be tricky on the mind even for a trained professional. You can always do all the mathematical and financial calculation for your business or start up using ‘On Equation Finance Calculator’.

Features of the app:

On Equation Finance Calculator’ has many attractive features such as,

  • Firm valuation formulas
  • Bond and share valuation formula
  • Portfolio and equity formula
  • Project valuation calculators
  • Gordon growth model / Dividend discount models
  • Time value of money formulas
  • Relative valuation formulas

Compatible with:

On Equation Finance Calculator’ works on all devices that are powered by Android and iOS operating systems.

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