Save the farm – 3D Farm simulator game

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Building games are more and more popular with each day. They bring out the creative side to our brain. Plus they are a great way to relax and huff out all that stress out of your mind. These games are highly brainy and help us cope with depression. Farm building games are more fun and exciting to play with. People easily get addicted to such games and tend to spend more time building their farm. ‘Save the farm – 3D Farm simulator game’ is a farm building game which gives the player the additional task of defending their farm and the animals in it from monsters and aliens.

Developed by:

Save the farm – 3D Farm simulator game’ was created and developed by ‘Gamino Entertainment’.

How the app works:

Download and launch the ‘Save the farm – 3D Farm simulator game’ app on to your cell phone or other devices that are compatible with the app. Enter into the game and place barriers to protect your farm and the animals from the monsters and aliens. Use the controls on the screen to move your character and kill the aliens. The monsters will keep coming until the delivery vehicle arrives. Once you defeat the monsters you will be able to earn coins using which you can upgrade your character, the delivery vehicle, your weapons and defence system. Save as any animals in the farm as you can and earn better scores. Create as much score as you can and share with your friends online.

Features of the app:

Save the farm – 3D Farm simulator game’ app has many exciting features of which some are listed here.

  • Simple and fun
  • Best farming game
  • Play without wifi or internet
  • Share your scores with your friends online

Compatible with:

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