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Every one of us has a soul mate and you fall in love only when you make new connections. We all deserve to have the perfect partner who would share most of our feelings and thoughts. Modern science has helped us a lot in finding the perfect company with the advent of smart devices. Apps will bring all the dating odds in your favor and help you meet that right match.

Updated on August 1, 2020, Am I Loved is an Android app that belongs to the dating category in the Play Store. The ultimate aim of this app is to help you find your soulmate. It helps you search for things that you love and share new experiences. It helps you get the company for your entire life and share life stories with them. Even if you don’t find the person you love, the app will help you have some fun moments. It allows you to know if the person who is interested in you is in love with you without any selfish motto. The app helps you to recognize a person the way they actually are.

At the beginning, you can choose the language in which you desire to use the app: English or Spanish. The app can only be used by those who are above 18 years of age. It just requires your name and access to the contacts you have saved in your mobile. It confirms your phone number and asks permission to access any files you have in your external storage. When you choose one among your contacts in the program, the app lets them know that you have selected him/her and vice versa. This way, Am I Loved assists you in match checking and it is done with a certain frequency. It gives you the freedom to select the number of confirmations you need along with a specified date and time limit. As you reach the target, the app notifies you and you are good to go.

It is so nice and spellbinding to use this app. Meeting people can be easier but finding a match is so hard and Am I Loved greatly helps you with that. In case you have any queries or doubts, you can contact the developer on If you find any illicit, immoral or incorrect content, you can report it as well.

Am I loved is free for download and displays ads. It is compatible with all Android devices above 5.0 or later versions.

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