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With the advent of mobiles, finding love is no longer a tougher job. There is a dating app for almost everyone out there. You can be looking for just a company, a date or a life-long partner, dating apps would be the best thing to start with. These apps help you refine the choices and find that perfect one. Am I Loved is one of the best apps that come for dating and is available on the Play Store. 

The app, Am I Loved works with one unique concept given by the developer. The app once installed can be used in either English or Spanish as per your preference. It asks your name and permission to access your contacts and external storage. Using the app, users can select the contact that they prefer to date with. Later on, they can fix the time and date before which they need to make confirmations. The number of confirmations can also be fixed with this. 

Am I Loved helps you to appreciate a person the way they actually are. It helps you uncover a person’s true intentions, whether they are really interested in you or just have some selfish motto. It lets the contact know once you have selected him/her and it notifies you back once they confirm your contact. Using this, you can make appointments with them and start your dating journey from there. This way you could find a partner for life and who knows you may even get married to them. I personally love using this app and it is very interesting. It doesn’t ask any annoying questions like the other dating apps. 

Am I Loved comes with excellent privacy and safety features that makes you use the app without any hesitancy. It has so many options to keep your privacy intact. The app is so easy to use and is simply designed. In case you have any queries you can contact the developer on Any immoral, illicit or incorrect content can also be reported through this email. The app is very safe and secure and since you are sending messages to only those in your contacts, you won’t have to be afraid. 

Am I Loved is compatible with Android 5.0 or later versions and is completely free for usage. It displays ads and is suitable for all those above 18 years of age. Download this app today and start finding new friends or begin a serious relationship.

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