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We do not reside in our home country all the time. We get many opportunities and we travel abroad either for studies or for work. In such cases, we might come across a lot of difficulties in executing various tasks, simple or complex. To help with all of these, the company of Homeis Inc has come up with an awesome application named Homeis.

What is the app about?

Homeis belongs to the social networking category and it helps immigrants and expats of different nations to help execute their tasks without any hassles. From processing your visa applications to finding an apartment at the spot you prefer, or hiring a doctor or lawyer on the language you can better communicate, Homeis comes in handy. It is a great tool for all expats & foreign-born nationals living abroad to get connected with their communities.

Working of Homeis:

The app works as you install it using your Facebook or Email ID. You are required to enter a few details like where you are from and what country you are residing at present. The app connects you with the community of your own. Later, you can share your ideas and start hanging out with them. Users can send personal text messages, invite someone for a coffee, drink or dinner to their favourite spot, make groups, organize events and do much more. With Homeis you have endless possibilities of discovering the new environment and creating a social community for your own. 

Special Features of the app:

Homeis is more than a social networking app. It helps you get all that you want, like buying or selling your items, hiring an apartment for stay, finding best places, services and guides to all your needs, finding job offers etc. Users will also be able to save all of these for later use. It gives you the top local recommendations and assists you to get in touch with all the top professionals of your community in quite a few minutes. The website https://www.homeis.com/ can also be made use of. Both the website and the app have a search bar that lets you find services under different categories like babysitters, lifestyle, fitness, groceries, religion, events, essentials, health, weddings, travel, health, etc.

Homeis can be downloaded on all devices that run on iOS and Android. This free app makes you feel like being in your home all the time. It is available in four different languages namely: English, French, Hebrew, and Spanish. Download Homeis today and get to know the people of your homeland. 

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