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Ok, let’s just admit the truth! We all have our personal life. Apart from job, fulfilling our family’s needs and other requirements, there is a private life too, where there is love, affection, sorrows, ditch, relationships, marriage, etc. It’s also very important to find the love of our life. Many people find love in their childhood and some of them find it very late. Every person on this Earth is loving someone in one or the other way and looking for true love as well. It’s not only about love, but it’s also about friendship. A 5 year old friendship can also be there due to the bonding of the person with each other. It doesn’t mean that they are lovers. But a true friendship can be taken to another level by using dating apps. Yes, we get something to know about each other better by dating someone.

The Promenad is a free iOS as well as Android app that has been recently released on the App Store by New Technologies LP. Promenad helps people get to know one another based on common interests. It can be a casual friendship or the love of your life, it helps to connect you with people nearby and everywhere. It’s more than a dating app and you can do anything like sports, travel, yoga, hiking, or just a pleasant conversation. If you come across someone who shares your interests or has favourite pastime, mutual affection develops naturally.

Now, when you first launch the app, you need to create an account using Facebook or a fresh one. You can add your favourite pics of yourself and select the purpose of your search. Just tell the system about your interests for a better chance to find likely matches. Just finish up quickly and get access to an amazing dating site, administered by you. You can go to any profile and check about the person if you like and ping them. The app provides powerful and convenient search functionality. Moreover, you can also track who has visited your profile and messaged you.

The app provides powerful and convenient search functionality. Moreover, you can also track who has visited your profile and messaged you. The app is designed in the way every boy or girl wants it; easy to use and exotic in nature. The graphics are beautiful with nice colour combinations. Now you’ll never be late for your date. The app makes scheduling your dates and reunites with friends as easy as scheduling your events in the calendar. Just fix up the date and the event with the required person and it’s all done.

The app believes in digital moderation and monitors all profiles and photos on the website. The date remains safe and secure with this app and you will seriously feel comfortable. Overall, the app is good with a very thoughtful idea, after all the emotions count. However, you must be 17 years or above to experience the ride.

Pros: nice idea; intuitive interface with beautifully designed layout, password enabled security; free to use

Cons: none.

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