How Flutter Is Going To Change Mobile Development In the Coming Days

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When it comes to developing powerful and unique applications mobile app development companies across the globe are considering cross-platform solutions. There are lots of app development platforms and frameworks are available to develop fruitful applications, if you need all in one solution then go with Flutter.

Flutter is an open-source mobile app development framework that enables developers to write a single code for both iOS and Android apps. It is wide in the feature that’s why for its upcoming Fuchsia OS Google has announced it the development platform. It is highly compatible with other platforms so there is no need to choose other platforms if you have Flutter in your development system.

What the report says, “$92 Billion revenue was generated by mobile applications separately and $120 Billion is the prediction for the year 2020.” It is a very big part of total revenue generated through mobiles so as a business owner you can think about the broadness of this sector.

Is Flutter a replacement of JavaScript?

Technology is an ever-changing process and JavaScript is not untouched from it. With the growing technological advancements, there are lots of alternatives available to use that can work as the replacement of JavaScript, but Flutter is at the top of this list.

However, developers say that it gives the touch of Java, not JS. Flutter doesn’t contain templating dialect, in this manner it allows developers to build the desired user interface by using the widgets. In this way, Flutter decreases the coding lines, spares efforts and time of developers. Moreover, developers use widgets to frame the UI that gives it an exceptional look.

It is easier to do the changes and extend the functional power of your app with Flutter and it directs the developers with reactive development, logic and composition. Finally, we have come up with the conclusion that Flutter can be a good replacement of JavaScript and can do better than this.

How Flutter is going to change mobile development in the coming days?

Flutter is getting huge popularity with every passing day due to its cross-platform functionality. Flutter has lots of advantages than that of other similar platforms. Let’s check why Flutter is different from others:

Quick Development

As stated above Flutter uses widgets to design UIs, add more features and provide fast bug fixing, all these advantages make Flutter app developer faster than other cross-platform development kits. In this manner, there is no need to wait for a long time to see the desired changes on the screen as all these will get reflected in a few seconds.

User Interface

Developers are allowed to make the changes in the existing widgets so give it the desired look. In this manner, they can easily match it with the current user interface.

Easy to use and learn 

When it comes to developing mobile applications using Flutter then developers don’t need to have years of experience as it is easy to use and learn. People who are beginners in the field can easily learn it as it has detailed information that helps them to understand the platform requirements and how to use the tool kit.

No need to write different code for multiple platforms

One of the most renowned and powerful features of Flutter is it allows developers to use a single codebase for multiple platforms such as web, Android and iOS etc. It is time-savvy as you don’t need to write separate codes for different platforms.

Huge community support

Flutter offers support from a big developers’ community worldwide. If you are a developer with no or very little experience then you can easily find out the solutions for your questions. Community members also help you understand new things to provide more accuracy in your project.

Know the relation between Dart and Flutter

Dart is developed by Google. It is a programming language on which developers build Flutter apps. Developers use it to develop server, mobile apps and web. As we know the object-oriented programming languages are preferred by the developers across the globe and the right compilation feature of Dart is an additional feature that attracts developers more. In cooperation with Jacked reloading, it provides an efficient and effective development workflow.

What is more about Dart is it has garbage collection, async-await, strong typing, generics and a feature-rich library. And developers don’t find it tough to learn at all. Another reason for choosing Flutter is it can compile JavaScript and enables single code to be used for multiple web and mobile platforms.


So, why we should not say that Flutter is the new future of mobile app development.

If we see all the advantages of Flutter then it is not difficult to say that it is one of the best cross-platform development tool kits that define the actual meaning of write once, run anywhere. It saves precious time of developers by offering a single code base for different platforms.

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